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A SPARKling Success!
Call out for Collaborators
Interested in taking a more active role in London Roots Collective’s activities?
Fracking Community Training Programme
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It’s been a busy summer for London Roots Collective!

Read on to hear about what we’ve been up to and what we have coming up. Also below is a call out for new Coordination Group member(s) and someone with website tech skills to help us out, as well as upcoming workshops offered by other organisations.

A SPARKling Success!

London Roots Collective was one of the organisers of the Spark – a weeklong Social Justice Festival in June offering over 50 sessions including workshops, films, debates, poetry and music. Throughout the week, sessions were documented and participants and facilitators interviewed by the Spark Youth Team. See comments, short video clips and writing about some of the workshops, including the housing crisis; faith spirituality and activism; poetry and protest; riots reframed; community food growing; songs of resistance; economics is for everyone; intersectionality; body anxiety; and the reparations movements for enslavement, colonialism or neo-colonialism.
See the blog here:
Some reports of several of the sessions here:
And more info and the full programme here:

Call out for Collaborators

Are you a community-based organisation or campaign group who has a project you may like to link up on? We can work with you and support you with:
- Project planning (and strategy work)
- ‘Group-Work’: helping you work together better, make decisions together more effectively, address conflicts and power dynamics
- Linking up with other groups working on related projects/issues
- Facilitation for difficult decisions/discussions
- Other workshops, trainings, and skill shares

Even if there’s no immediate projects you’re working on, if you’d like to meet up to chat about potential future collaborations, get in touch too!

Email or, if easier, ring 07754 298 076.

Interested in taking a more active role in London Roots Collective?

London Roots Collective is coordinated by three volunteers and supported by over ten facilitators.

The Coordination Group is looking for one or two more people to take an ongoing coordination role. **Please note, this position is currently unpaid**

A bit about what’s involved:
We work from the same space together once a week (any work we do outside this time we do from home) and have a Coordination Group meeting once every six weeks, where we rotate the tasks we do. These tasks include supporting the Pool of Trainers and Facilitators, coordinating workshop requests, checking and replying to emails, updating the website, fundraising, maintaining our trainers’ database, and participating in the Grassroots Trainers Network the Collective is part of. It also may include organising one-off events and weekend trainings.

Useful skills, experience and interests:
- Workshop facilitation experience
- Agreement with and belief in London Roots Collective’s aims and values
- Interest in, and understanding of, power dynamics in groups.
- Able to work independently, on own initiative and without direct supervision or management
- Some admin experience would also be helpful

Time commitment:
At least 1 day per week to work from the same space together (this is currently on Tuesdays but may be change), preferably for a minimum of 6 months though longer would be welcome!

Social injustice disproportionately affects, among others, women, people of colour with a global majority heritage, disabled people, people from working class backgrounds and people on low incomes, and often it is these voices that are sidelined. As a Collective that supports groups working towards a more just and equitable society, we would particularly welcome expressions of interest from within these groups.

Please spread the word and email us at telling us a bit about yourself, your relevant experience and why you’re interested in getting involved.

We would like to meet anyone interested for an informal chat by in early October so please get in touch by 23rd September.

Fracking Community Training Programme

There are already about 180 local anti-fracking groups around the country, mostly in very small rural towns. Many of the people in these groups have little or no experience of campaigning. Frack-Off is teaming up with training collectives across the UK – including London Roots Collective – to provide training and support for these groups, to boost their skills and confidence in campaigning and to support them in working together effectively.

Rather than for us to train over 150 groups, the idea is that we will train some of these groups in four core workshops (‘Healthy Groups’; ‘Effective Campaigning’; ‘Community Action’; and Media) as well as running some Train the Trainers. People from these groups can then train their groups and other local groups, who can then go on to train others and so on.

We expect this to start around October or November, first in a ‘trial region’ (probably the North West of England), then in the rest of the country.

We are building a team who can facilitate these trainings and workshops, supporting these local groups. After the trial in the North West, London Roots will mostly be working in London and the South East.

If you are interested in being involved in the trial period in the North West this Autumn (travel costs covered) and/or the workshops in the South East from Spring 2015, please email

Phone: 07754298076 if you’d like to talk to one of us.


(If you have already contacted us about this, we will be back in touch with you soon!)

Do you have website tech skills?

We are having a bit of difficulty with our website. We think it’s domain-related but don’t know enough about this kind of thing. Do you? If so, we’d love to hear from you so please get in touch!